Why Buy in Croatia?


Looking at holiday destinations is great fun because there are so many fantastic ones to choose from. When it comes to a place that isn’t too far away, has something for everyone and doesn’t cost a fortune, then Croatia is definitely worth checking out. Here’s a few ideas why.

History fans

If you like to vacation somewhere with real history that you can visit and enjoy, then Croatia definitely fits the bill. From the ancient Greek colonies around the Dalmatian coast to the Roman ruins all over the place, there is plenty to see.

The Roman Emperor Diocletian thought the place was good enough to retire to and his palace in Split is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It even has a real Egyptian sphinx that he brought from the then-Roman province of Egypt.

Croatia was also a kingdom in its own right at one time, the first kind being crowned back in 925. The city of Vinkovci in the east of the country is the oldest city in Europe and has had residents for over 8,000 years continuously.

The city of Dubrovnik also has a memorable boast – it was the first medieval palace to have sewage systems. Its walls are also one of the biggest and most intact around the continent.

Finally, there is the Roman amphitheatre in Pula which is the 6th largest in the world and the only one that can say it has three row completely intact.

Beach fans

Croatia has a stunning coastline along the Adriatic Sea that is known as the Dalmatian Coast – the popular breed of dog is named for it. The coast has recently become famous for its use in filming the popular Game of Thrones series so fans will want to check it out – there are even new tours to catch the main GOT sights. But it was famous well before that too – it was the location for the 12th Night, a play by Shakespeare.

Dotted along the coast are lots of beautiful islands and some truly amazing beaches. One example is Susak, and island composed nearly entirely of sand with a wide and shallow bay ideal for a little wading.

Nin is known for the quality of its sand and the smattering of quality bars along its length but is also a great place to relax as there is little else there to interfere with your time. It is also known for the therapeutic quality of the mud just off the beach and people often take a dip.

City fans

If you love to be in the urban sprawl and enjoy the city life, then Croatia has places to go to as well. Zagreb is the largest city in the country as well as the capital and blends history with modern attractions.

Split is the second largest city and also sits on the Dalmatian coast so ideal to combine beaches and city. As well as its Roman history, the city is also known for its shops, cafes and bars as well as a historic city centre packed with modern shops. There is a seaside promenade and a market as well as the nearby Bacvice beach, ideal for a spot of swimming.

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Family Holiday in Croatia: Hotel or Villa?


One of the most popular places to go for a European break at the moment is Croatia. The country has a perfect blend of amazing beaches, beautiful scenery and cities that are both historic and modern. But when the holiday in question is a family one, the matter becomes a little more complicated. Do you go for a hotel or villa to stay during your visit?

The family perspective

If you have kids, particularly younger kids, then the flexibility of a villa can be a big plus. For starters if your kids are fussy eaters and don’t always take well to food away from home, you can bring your own supplies or pick some up locally and make dishes you know they will eat. You can keep your meal times similar to at home in a villa, whereas hotels can dictate this a little with serving times.

The other big plus with a villa over a hotel is that you don’t have to worry if the kids get a bit noisy or there is a crying fit or temper tantrum. Even if they run around the room, you feel conscious of the neighbours below in a hotel but this isn’t an issue in a villa. It can, in a sense, be a home away from home.

The main plus sides of a hotel is that you don’t have to cook and that some hotels even have child minding services so if the adults want to go out for a meal or a drink, the hotel can offer child minding services.

Things to do with the kids

So once you have selected between a hotel or a villa, your next thing to study is the things to do with the kids in the area of Croatia you are considering. If you want a city location, then the city of Dubrovnik is a great one to try. It has the blend of the Old Town with its fierce gargoyle on the main gate as well as the beach being just a short distance away.

Split is another popular city location and is dominated by the Roman ruins. One emperor, Diocletian, loved the place so much he built a huge palace here and it is still mostly standing. He even brought real Sphinx from his Egyptian province to decorate the place.

Away from the cities, Croatia has loads of beaches that suit all tastes. Whether you like to lie on the sands while the kids make sand castles or enjoy paddling or water sports, there are various locations to suit all tastes. Zadar is great for the novel – there is a sea organ producing strange and eerie music that the kids will love.

The rural countryside inland is worth touring around too with placed such as Buzet, the truffle capital of the country and the ‘world’s smallest village’ called Hum which only has around twenty inhabitants. Motovun is the birthplace of famous racing driver Mario Andretti while Pazin is said to be the spot used in Dante’s ‘The Inferno’ as the entrance to hell – great to spook the older kids a bit.

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Deluxe Croatia – 3 Options for the Luxury Traveller


Croatia is fast becoming a popular destination for holidaymakers of all tastes. It has the history, the landscape and the beaches to suit most all requirements while there are also plenty of things to do with the children. For the more deluxe travellers, the country also offers plenty of high quality villas and hotels whether you want to stay in the country, the city or the coast.

Travelling to Croatia

Generally, May to September are the best times to have a holiday in Croatia with August being the hottest month, much as it is meant to be here in the UK. The country has a classic Mediterranean climate so inland areas in particularly can get quite hot, staying cooler around the cost.

With over 120 miles of coastline and some 1,000 islands, Croatia offers something for the beach fan as well as those who love to holiday by the sea. There is also plenty to see inland with beautiful scenery and also lots of activities including abseiling, canoeing and paragliding. Croatia is also well known for its historical sites, in particular notable Roman ruins such as Diocletian’s Palace in Split.

If you prefer a city break, then Croatia has a few notable cities to enjoy. Dubrovnik is the capital city and an ancient walled city that has been a famous tourist spot for centuries. It has the best of both, with modern cafes alongside the city’s walls and views of the Adriatic Sea. Split is best known for the Roman ruins but also has a very impressive cathedral, called the Cathedral of Saint Domnius as well as winding streets filled with boutique shops.

Luxury apartments

There is a wealth of luxury villas in Croatia, spread around the different areas of the country. The Novalja apartments are located on the island of Pag, close to the hugely popular Zrce Beach area. With swimming pool and barbeque area, the apartments are great for entertaining as well as quiet meals enjoying the views. Each of the nine apartments can house up to four people and there is easy access to scuba diving, bike trails and even spearfishing in the area as well as the draw of the beaches.

Hotel Vestibul Palace is in the city of Split, within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace. This exclusive venue has only seven rooms for a true boutique feel and the style of the place is a blend of ancient Roman, Gothic and Renaissance. Step out of the door to be close to the shopping areas of the city as well as the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

For a break based in Dubrovnik, the Villa Orsula is a small hotel with just 13 bedrooms that is known for its high quality cuisine. With beach access and sea views, it offers the best of a city break close to the coast and there are plenty of water sports taking place nearby. The city’s shopping area and sightseeing is also just a short distance from the hotel.

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